KMPH Fox 26 – 7-11 Store Owner Gives Free Hot Dogs to Needy

KMPH Fox 26 – 7-11 Store Owner Gives Free Hot Dogs to Needy

A 7-Eleven store owner continues to open his wallet and his heart for his customers, including those who can’t afford to pay for a hot dog.Serge Haitayan has owned the store on Clovis and Belmont in southeast Fresno for more than 20 years.Serge put up a sign, which reads, “He who is hungry and can’t pay for a hot dog, you can have one for free.”

He says, “Never, say no to anybody who comes to you and knocks on your door and tells you I’m hungry. Anybody who comes if they are short $1.00, $2.00 or they tell you I’m hungry, give them a hot dog, give them a sandwich.”At first, Serge’s longtime employees thought he was nuts.

Employee Alyssa Cardenas says, “At first we all had questions and concerns like do you know what that is going to costs? But it hasn’t. There is always going to be people to take advantage, but to be honest with you everybody is like all the time that is awesome.”

Serge says those who do come in and want a free hot dog usually want to work for it.

Serge says, “It will not break me. It will not make me richer. It will not make me poorer. But you make money from this community. You have to put money back into the community.”

Serge says he just wants to make an honest living, help others and make this world a little better place.

By the way, during the holidays, Serge and his family buy jackets and other clothes for the kids who live in his neighborhood.